At what point in life do you say, I’m done? When is enough really enough? When do you accept the fact that your life is changing, everyday your life is changing. When do you get to draw the line?

Lately, I can’t help but think that everyday is another day closer to the end of our days. Another day closer to our dreams, fears, desires…

Days are connected to days. Slowly passing away

At what point do we figure out the things we want, the things we crave.

And at what point do we go for these things, with arms wide open.

When do we knock down all the walls we’ve built up around us. When do we start letting love come into our hearts, into out lives?

When does it all happen? Where will we be standing? Who will be there with us when these moments happen….when we start letting ourselves live our life.

I’m ready for you.

I’m done waiting.



so I can get a good job, and pay off my student loans. Isn’t that a little backwards? I really just want to say "Fuck It" and spend my days playing my Gameboy Color and watching reruns of Franklin the Turtle.


beethoven up in the house like
Young The Giant Cough Syrup
Young The Giant
Cough Syrup


Young The Giant - Cough Syrup [unplugged]

"It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home."
Piper Chapman - What is love? (via laurenarlene)
"But you deserve the universe and I’m just a star"
"Being married someday is going to be so cool. like you get to come home to your best friend every single day and just do life together."

10 days!!! 


I don’t think some people realize how excited I am to start decorating for Halloween, have cooler weather, watch Hocus Pocus everyday, and drink seasonal drinks from starbucks.



Pumpkin Scones {Starbucks Copycat} | Cooking Classy